We are active sponsors, builders, and participants with local Kamloops race team, Red Cup Racing. We work with the guys at Red Cup to develop and perfect the bikes we all ride every August in Bonneville, UT, during Speed Week.

Since we have become actively involved with Red Cup Racing, the team has  set numerous Land Speed Records, blasting a number of them out of the water completely.


M-PBF Red Cup Rooster T. Neufeld 8 /16 138.385

MPS-PBF Red Cup Rooster J. Sanders 8 /16 110.402

MPS-BF Red Cup Screamer N. Bouwmeester 8 /16 115.496 

MPS-BG Red Cup Screamer Yamaha 8 /13 127.714

M-PBG Red Cup Sprintster M. Stark 8 /16 76.683

MPS-PBF Red Cup Sprintster C. Dilley 8 /16 70.496 

MPS-PBG Red Cup Sprintster C. Dilley 8 /16 70.159

M-BG Red Cup Screamer Yamaha 8 /13 126.607

For definitions and to download the rules and records visit

Bonneville Records


Southern California Timing Association

Utah Salt Flats Racing Association

Red Cup Racing

Garret Turbo

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drag races

We are so happy that drag racing has made a comeback in BC and make every effort to participate and support these awesome events!

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They are great spectator and family events, and loads of fun to participate in. Look for us at these events!


Vermilion Forks Racing Association

Mission Raceway Park

Thunder in the Valley Raceway Cache Creek

Cache Creek Airport